If the delivery type for your order is Electronic Transfer, you will be receiving your tickets electronically, on your mobile device.

Before your event, you will be sent an email from the website or team the tickets were originally purchased from letting you know the seller has transferred the tickets to the email address you had provided in the order. When you receive this email, click the "Accept Tickets" button to be directed to their website. You will then be asked to sign into your account, or create one if you do not already have one with that email address.

Once signed in, you will be prompted to agree to the site's terms and conditions and enter additional information to finalize the transfer. 

If you need to send the tickets to someone else after you have followed the steps above, you can do so by viewing the tickets in your account and clicking the "Transfer" button. Once clicked, it will have you fill in the recipient's name and email address, in addition to selecting which of the tickets you would like to send.

At the event, all you have to do is pull up the tickets on that specific site's mobile app or though their website on your cell phone's browser. The venue employees will then scan the information right off of your device!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Do not use your browser's auto-fill feature to enter your personal information, it may not trigger the button to continue if the information is not typed in one field at a time.
  • Always try to accept the tickets on a desktop or laptop computer, as completing this step is more difficult on mobile devices.
  • If clicking "Accept Tickets" in your email doesn't take you to the correct page, go back to your email once have signed in and click it again.
  • You may have to enter (1) before your phone number when entering your personal information for their system to recognize it as a valid number.

AXS Mobile ID is another common form of Electronic Transfer. If your tickets were specifically designated as AXS Mobile ID you can find more information here.