For any event, there may be more than one method by which the tickets may be delivered since the tickets are owned by different sellers. The type of delivery for the tickets you are purchasing is shown when viewing the listings, and again at checkout.

The delivery methods we offer on our site are:

  1. Instant Download - A link to download the tickets will be sent to you, usually within minutes after your order is confirmed.
  2. Email Delivery - A link will also be sent to you to download the tickets as soon as the tickets are available from the seller, which may be closer to the event date.  
  3. Mobile E-tickets - A link to download your tickets will be sent to you. These tickets must be displayed on a smartphone at the venue.
  4. Shipping - If the tickets are hard stock tickets, they will typically be shipped via UPS. 
  5. Special Delivery - To ensure the tickets get to you in time for the event, we may use an alternative delivery method.  The most common include:
    • Local Pickup
    • Will Call
    • Paperless Delivery
    • On-Site Services
  6. Electronic Transfer - Tickets are transferred from the seller to you via the website they were originally purchased on. They can be accessed via your smartphone to gain entry to your event.
  7. AXS Mobile ID - A form of electronic transfer specifically done on

For more information on ticket delivery, click here.