Absolutely; all the event tickets listed are guaranteed to be legitimate and valid for event entry. In our commitment to your safety, we keep all of your personal information secure and back every order with our 100% Guarantee. Meanwhile, our industry-leading, in-house customer service team is available seven days a week to answer any questions, and ensure you have the best ticket-buying experience possible.

Since we are not the ones who list the tickets for sale, we do not control ticket base prices or availability. These are both subject to change at any time based on supply and demand on the live market. We are here to ensure that all transactions between the parties are safe and secure, and that you have no issues from start to finish. 

If you were to purchase from a scalper on the street, or from an ad online or in the newspaper, you would not be able to receive the same customer support, security, or money back guarantees that we offer to our customers.